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Polysistec incorporates two chemical reactors in its laboratory


Polysistec has recently incorporated two chemical reactors in the laboratory. They are an apparatus for containing and controlling chemical reactions. They consist of a borosilicate glass vessel with a capacity of 1 or 2 litres, an anchor stirrer made of stainless steel, a Pt100 temperature sensor, a nitrogen needle inlet and a reflux condenser. This equipment is located inside an oil bath in which temperature can be regulated. The reactor is initially charged with the raw material in order to carry out the reaction.

The reactor is used to perform small scale reactions before carrying out the manufacture at plant. In a new product development process is required to perform several assays before obtaining the desired product. Thus, small scale assays are carried out in order to save raw material while maintaining the manufacturing conditions.

The apparatus allows to carry out several chemical transformations like free-radical and condensation reactions. Several products offered by Polysistec like polyacrylates, polyacrylamides, polyurethanes or polyesters can be synthesised with this new equipment. In this way, new product developments processes or continuous improvements will be easily available.

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